Essential Workers: keeping business moving forward

Essential Workers: keeping business moving forward

Helping Beaverton Get Back to Work

Eric Roshak may or may not be a hero. What he is, for sure, is a dedicated and reliable employee who has been willing to work throughout the current pandemic. Eric works for Walgreens, a company that is considered an essential business (and one with a great record of working with people with disabilities) and has remained open throughout the pandemic.

When his Dirkse Counseling & Consulting job coach Drake Mezzanatto asked Eric if he liked working during the pandemic, he replied, “Yes! I’m happy putting stuff away.”

Eric’s father added “The toughest part about Eric working during all of this has been getting used to wearing a face mask. He hates those things and so we had to try different types until we figured out that he prefers bandannas or face sleeves over masks. Other than that, it’s been basically the same for him.”

Eric’s manager concurred and added “Eric has done a tremendous job with adapting to the various changes we have been forced to make to ensure the health and safety of our employees and customers. I was concerned about him having to wear a mask at first since he didn’t seem to want to keep his mask on, but now he wears a face cover the entire time and has implemented the changes we have had to make as part as his normal routine.”

So, whether you need a bandage or a prescription filled, remember that there are individuals like Eric Roshak dedicated to making sure you can find what you need when you need it!

For more information, contact Course Instructor: Glenn Bishop, Employment Services Manager ( If your business would like to be more inclusive to people with different abilities, matching skill sets to your business needs, please reach out to Dirkse Counseling and Consulting, Inc. at 503-265-9256.