Estate Planning for Homeowners: Why you should have an estate plan & how it affects your home

Estate Planning for Homeowners: Why you should have an estate plan & how it affects your home

Estate Planning. The words alone can be overwhelming. Initial thoughts may be that they are only for the rich and famous, or for those whose homes are actually considered estates, or those whose wealth is $1,000,000 or more, and yet, that is not the case.

By not planning for the distribution and management of your investments and possessions once you pass can leave your loved ones in great turmoil. People such as Aretha Franklin, Prince and Amy Winehouse are several recent notable individuals who without having a will left their families with a huge burden. The same can hold true for any remaining family members left to struggle through the paperwork, legalities and stress that come from not having prepared for the inevitable.

Such unforeseen scenarios may include unmarried couples that are living together and one dies, yet unbeknownst to the loving duo, the significant other without a will is not a recipient of the loved one’s wealth.

Estate planning may be a will, a trust or another tool for outlining finances, investments and real estate.

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We would like to invite you to a FREE seminar on March 5th from 10 – 11am where you will learn key insights to what an estate plan is, why is it important to have one when owning a home, and much more.

Melissa Chapman, Estate Planning Attorney, with Farleigh, Wada, Witt and Amy Carr, Senior Escrow Officer, with Chicago Title, will share key tips to helping you to be empowered with enough information for you to take the next steps so that when it is your turn to go to heaven, you don’t leave remaining loved ones in perdition.

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