Everything Matters, You matter

Everything Matters, You matter

We humans are patterned to search for meaning to our lives and this has caused me to often wonder how we are supposed to orient ourselves to a purposeful life (especially when we live in a society where things can, and do, change so fast!).

My slight critique of the social media world is that the rapidity of shifting causes can, like a twisting kaleidoscope, disorient us and leave people feeling hopeless and powerless, like nothing truly matters.

To help re-orient to this world, author Victor Frankl reminds us in his book, Man’s Search for Meaning, that we have the power to provide meaning to our own lives.

You, yourself, can decide today that if anything matters in your life then everything matters.

Find meaning in planting flowers, visiting the lonely, volunteering, loving your significant other, or simply laughing at a good joke. Life is full of meaning and you are a powerful, meaning-finding being!

Happy Spring!

Bethany Stroup is the Media & Communications Specialist for Good Samaritan Ministries, a faith-based counseling organization with headquarters here in Beaverton.