Fake Law Enforcement: Beware of Scammers

Fake Law Enforcement: Beware of Scammers



The Beaverton Police Department wants to warn community members of a new twist on an old scam. “Recently we have seen an uptick of scammers calling members of our community claiming to be local law enforcement officers,” said Officer Matt Henderson from the Beaverton Police Department.

“These scammers often give the names and credentials of actual members of one of the local law enforcement agencies in the area and demand payment to avoid arrest.”

Scammers are using the real names of law enforcement to try and provide authenticity to their scam. “Don’t fall for it,” says Officer Henderson.

No law enforcement personnel will call, text or email you to demand any kind of payment to be taken over the phone. Never pay someone who demands payment by gift card, prepaid debit card, internet currency or cryptocurrency, wire transfer, money transfer, or by mailing cash. Scammers use these forms of payment because they are hard to trace.

Officer Henderson encourages anyone who receives a call, email or text message like this to be skeptical. If you think a real law enforcement officer is trying to reach you, call your local law enforcement using a non-emergency number to verify.


The non-emergency number to all Washington County law enforcement agencies is 503-629-0111.