Fall fitness advice from 4 local businesses

Fall fitness advice from 4 local businesses

As cooler weather approaches and the temptation to eat more and move less increases, we asked local fitness experts to give readers advice on how to stay fit this autumn.

  1. Born to Ride NW

Inspired by Soul Cycle and boutique yoga studios, Paula Levy’s digital-free full workout cycling gym and bar is a great fit for those “who like smaller more intimate gyms.” Since 2018, Born to Ride features a “judgement free cycling space,” that welcomes a wide range of ages, and offers participants the freedom to decide their workout intensity. Born to Ride incorporates core exercises, interval training with weights, TRX suspension, and even lunges in parking lot.

Fall Tip: “Work with limitations cold weather may produce,” Levy says. She also highlights the importance of cross training, trying different things, and enjoying what the body can do.

Visit Born to Ride NW at 8340 SW Nimbus Ave. Beaverton, www.borntoridenw.com, (503)469-8444

  1. Portland Fitness Equipment

For 25 years Portland Fitness Equipment has been selling high quality home gyms, cardio equipment, weight machines, and fitness gear to self-motivated customers who like to work out independently or compliment their gym workouts at home. Kim Moore has been a specialist with Portland Fitness since 1994 and says home-based fitness is convenient and saves money. While no one fitness machine “does it all,” Moore notes rowing machines are a great option because they work out 85% of muscle groups in less time.

Fall Tip: Kim suggests thinking ahead about fall fitness needs. “Try spinning or rowing machines for cold weather joint pain.” She says “cross training is important.”

Visit Portland Fitness Equipment at 11685 SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy. Beaverton, (503)-905-9725, portlandfitnessequipment.com

  1. Fitness for 40 Plus

Husband and wife team Bob Shabasson and Maya Rhinewine along with their son, started Fitness for 40 Plus in 2013 and have been in their current location since 2016. Bob is a retired army major and both he and Maya worked for Portland and Tualatin Hills Parks and Recreation divisions. Fitness for 40 Plus is a community focused studio gym featuring self-paced classes designed so “clients constantly progress.” Circuits change daily and trainers customize workouts based on client goals from climbing the Himalayas to Olympic lifting to yoga.

Fall tip: “Just start and do something you enjoy.” Bob and Maya also suggest trying small classes to stay motivated and accountable.

Visit Fitness for 40 Plus at 8134 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy. Portland, www.fitnessfor40plus.com, (503) 799-5883

  1. 9 Round

In 2016 co-owners Ingrid and Jeff Sanders opened 9 Round, a kickboxing studio gym featuring 30 minute workouts. Weights, calisthenics, and high intensity intervals are utilized to spike up the heartrate, generating an effective workout in less time. 9 Round is fully accessible to those in wheelchairs and the Sanders have literally worked by hand to provide “a great place for new people and those who don’t like gyms.”

Fall Tip: “Stay in motion because blood sugar doesn’t care what time of year it is.” They say fall is a perfect time to focus on gaining stamina to mitigate the stress of going back to school and holiday busyness.

Visit 9 Round at 4105 SW 117th Ave., Suite D, Beaverton, (503) 372-5166, www.9round.com

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