Find emotional stability in an unstable world: Advice for living a fulfilling and joyous life

Find emotional stability in an unstable world: Advice for living a fulfilling and joyous life

Now, more than ever, learning how to “roll with it” is sound advice for living a fulfilling – and joyous – life.

By learning how to be proactive about our response to stressors, we build emotional stability and resilience. Taking responsibility for our reactions and responses to the situations around us leads to a calmer, more mindful way of living – one that results in much more happiness all around.

Start with these simple exercises to calm your emotional reactivity, and you’ll stop feeling like a victim of your life’s circumstances.



One of the many ways we can truly control our reactive nature is to first come back to the basics of controlling our body.

Slowing down your breath allows you to take a mental beat before deciding how you react in a tense situation. It’s the first step to building emotional resiliency.


Notice your thoughts

Control your emotions and begin to stabilize their influence on your life by watching your thoughts. If you are a chronic pessimist, you’re negatively impacting your health and relationships.

By recognizing the feelings and thoughts as they come and giving them space to breathe, you can handle what triggers you with grace.


Give people the benefit of the doubt

Remember that old adage, “Put yourself in someone else’s shoes?” Most people are going about life focused on accomplishing their own goals and meeting their own needs the best way they know how. Give them the benefit of the doubt. Let go of personal emotional reactivity to other’s actions.

We can experience less dissonance with our better nature when we allow ourselves to change and grow for the sake of ourselves and the people in our lives.


By Dr. Bryen A. Bell, a Board-Certified Chiropractic Physician with over 20 years of professional experience. Contact Dr. Bell at True Potential Chiropractic family care facility. Call 503-574-4872 or visit