Finding Employment During a Pandemic: Meet Holly, newly employed at a local supermarket

Finding Employment During a Pandemic: Meet Holly, newly employed at a local supermarket

Helping Beaverton Get Back to Work

An incredibly determined Holly De La Cruz Arellano began her employment search with Dirkse Counseling & Consulting (DCC) before the pandemic hit. While attending Beaverton Community Transition Program, Holly went through Career Exploration. Career Exploration is an employment service through DCC that allows individuals to tour local businesses, meet potential employers and engage in informational interviews. After touring and meeting with a handful of local employers, Holly found what type of job she felt she had the skills and abilities to do.

After a few months and a handful of jobs applied for, DCC Job Developer Tara reached out to speak with local supermarket manager Justin M. to inquire about potential employment opportunities and arranged an interview. Justin connected with Holly, learning about other talents hobbies she could bring to the team at this business. When Holly attended BCTP, she designed signs for the school. Justin was delighted to learn about this skill and plans to use her talents. Holly was offered and started in a Courtesy Clerk position and has not looked back. Holly reports “When I first started working here… I was really nervous- so nervous that I couldn’t even think or speak. But the other employees were nice to me and they paired me with a trainer who showed me my work routine and tasks. Some of the tasks like pulling carts and sanitizing them is not hard to do, when the weather is sunny, I enjoy getting some fresh air.”

Way to go Holly, we are excited to see some of your art on display!

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