Finding Joy and Enrichment in Senior Living

Finding Joy and Enrichment in Senior Living



For many people, a move to senior living is often determined by physical needs – whether it’s a risk of falling, an inability to continue driving, or increased difficulty in performing daily activities.

But what may not be a top priority at first is the social and mental benefits that can be enjoyed when finding the right community.

At Prestige Senior Living Beaverton Hills, as much as we tend to the physical health of our residents, our teams seek to bring engagement and meaning to their lives as well.

Studies show that there are tangible health benefits to older adults staying active and engaged:

  • Regular activity can prevent certain diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease, and help with blood pressure, balance and sleep.
  • Group activities are a great way to create and build friendships, which is particularly vital for older adults who can often be isolated.
  • Regular activity helps older adults maintain or strengthen their cognitive health, as trying new activities forces the brain to adapt.


Our approach to creating activity calendars mixes both old favorites and new challenges, with a data-driven component helping our teams as well.

We partner with Linked Senior, who “build simple, evidence-based and clinically validated software to support person-centered life enrichment for older adults and their care partners”.

Our teams track each resident’s daily engagement with our activities to provide a big picture view of each individual’s trends. It allows our team to find anyone who may not be as active as perhaps they should be and tailor activities to reach as many people as possible.


FREE Event: Clulinary Trip Around the World, 5/24

For a glimpse into what life is like here at Prestige Senior Living Beaverton Hills, we invite you to our community for a Culinary Trip Around the World on Wednesday, May 24 from 4 – 6 p.m.

Our talented dining staff will be preparing dishes inspired by Greece, Italy, Germany, Mexico and China. Don’t miss out on a delicious evening!


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