Finding new homes for former treasures: What to do with items that are no longer wanted

Finding new homes for former treasures: What to do with items that are no longer wanted



It used to be that china was handed down and furniture was given to the next generation, however, these days that is less the rule and more the exception. Why? Partly because the way families are living is more a minimalist style with a modern flair.

In the 90’s, the DIY of taking older furniture and giving it a fresh look with chalk paint was very popular. Today, IKEA is highly favored, the younger generation is making more money, so they can purchase new and want too. Furniture with lean lines and made with natural material or recycled materials is the ‘go to’.

In addition, locations such as Goodwill and others are becoming more particular about the condition of donations being received. We brought a clean ironing board to Goodwill and they said no. We also brought a tv tray stand with scratches that could easily be buffed and painted to look beautiful again, they said no. Stained items are not accepted, nor are pillows.

That leads to the question, what is to be done with the unwanted items when you declutter or downsize? Value Village and Community Warehouse are two great options. Did you know that Habitat for Humanity or Re-Store takes clothing? It is still important to make sure items are not stained, well used, and in good condition is okay.

Before you start your emptying process, make a list of which locations you will donate too, it will save you time and make it much easier knowing who will welcome your former treasures.


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