Fitness is more than working out, commit to Care: Self Care

Fitness is more than working out, commit to Care: Self Care



“New Year – New You!” is the theme of most New Year resolutions; and as we all know, most of those revolve around “getting healthier”’ types of goals. Also, as we all know, most of those resolutions are set aside as soon as we get back into our post-holiday season routines and life ramps up to its frenzied speed. Soon the resolution feels like “one more thing” that must be done, rather than something to look forward to. The Beaverton Chamber of Commerce would like to propose a different kind of new you to commit to this year: Commit to Self-Care!


Commit to taking care of your skeleton:

Chiropractors treat conditions related to your body’s structure with a goal of relieving pain and improving function. Spinal health affects more than just your back. It also helps with flexibility, mobility, and even mental health. There are several chiropractors within our membership, such as Journey Chiropractic or Beaverton Family Chiropractic, who are committed to helping you achieve your chiropractic goals.


Commit to taking care of your muscles:

Did you know that there are over 600 muscles in your body – and they do everything from pumping blood to helping you carry groceries? Muscles keep us moving. Massage therapists are trained in the art of keeping those muscles moving at optimal levels. Ada Boje, LMT of Health Touch Massage Center, states that “Regular massage is an excellent self-care routine – creating vibrant health by reducing tension, increasing flexibility, ease of movements as well as peace and calm of the mind.”


Commit to taking care of your skin:

Skin is amazing. Flexible yet durable, sensitive and strong. A good skin care routine is a must, but it can also be a rewarding self-care ritual. A couple of things you can do to let your skin know just how much you appreciate it:

Take Time to Mask: Masking is more than the funny green paste-faces you see on TV! Masks can rehydrate and refurbish nutrient starved skin. Masking can be as quick as 5 minutes while you prepare your morning shower, to a longer session that (for me) involves putting my feet up and watching a little Hallmark Channel while it dries.

Pick products that work on all your skin types. No one is a single type. By working with a professional, such as Jane Crawford of The Book of Jane, you can find the right solutions to all your skin care needs. Jane adds “It doesn’t matter what skin care line you are using, but for the best results, don’t mix brands. Find one you like and stick with it.”


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