For Lexi, taking a risk really paid off: my first job at 85C Bakery

For Lexi, taking a risk really paid off: my first job at 85C Bakery



Sometimes when searching for that first job, taking a risk can really pay off. Lexi Dahlquist was in search of her first job and was working with a job developer at Dirkse Counseling to help her determine what line of work she wanted to pursue.

Lexi’s first choice had been retail, so her job developer Kristi contacted a few businesses that she could commute to easily. Kristi thought that 85C Bakery (in Washington Square) could be a good fit as well, so Lexi applied.


After a great interview, Lexi was given a job offer!

Right away the friendly atmosphere combined with hands-on training proved to be a wonderful fit. As she puts it, taking a risk when trying something new can be very rewarding and has been her favorite aspect of her employment journey.

Lexi also enjoys her coworkers and managers who have been so fun to work with, learning new skills such as making complex tea and coffee drinks, and the pride and independence that comes with successful employment. Of course, working in a bakery and getting to try all the breads is a huge benefit!

Manager Morgan says “Lexi has become such an integral part of our team and we are so happy to have her working here. She picked up our fresh bread position quickly and has now stepped into the role of training new team members. It has been awesome getting to see her growth working at the bakery and desire to learn. She has taken the initiative to learn the barista position and does a great job of following recipes, along with keeping our drink standards. Lexi always goes above and beyond to help our guests find what breads they are wanting. She is a joy to work alongside with and we are so glad Kristi connected her with us.”


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