For the love of moms on Mother’s Day, we are so grateful for all that you do

For the love of moms on Mother’s Day, we are so grateful for all that you do

The month of May is upon us, and with it comes all the things we love about this month (Spring flowers, Cinco de Mayo, May Day, and the return of some much-needed sunshine to name a few).

In this article, however, we want to highlight one very special day this month and that is Mother’s Day!

Whether you are a biological mom, a foster mom, someone living without a mom, a fur mom, or someone that has any kind of maternal role, we see you, we honor you, and we are dedicating this article to all you do to uplift, nurture and support those in your care.

Here are 3 things we are grateful for this Mother’s Day

We are grateful for your friendship. Your wisdom, guidance and listening ears mean more to those around you than you will ever know. Your sacrifices and love know no bounds. We see and appreciate how hard you work to provide stability and comfort for your loved ones.

We are grateful for your warrior spirit. We know that life gets hard, and it is easy to get down. Yet, through the unwavering strength, perseverance and compassion you display in every high and every low, you teach those around you how to love, lose, and get up to fight another day with dignity and grace.

We are grateful for your provision. Whether you are a full-time caregiver, a full-time employee or anything in between, you work tirelessly to make sure the needs of those around you are met. Your efforts, though they may seem to sometimes go unnoticed, contribute in immeasurable ways to the financial, emotional, and physical well-being of those entrusted to your care.

Throughout this month and beyond, our desire is that all you moms & maternal role models will make time for self-care and prioritize mental & emotional well-being so you can continue to craft and pour into the lives of those around you.


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