Forget the showers, can we just have the flowers? Visit a national wonder

Forget the showers, can we just have the flowers? Visit a national wonder

As we head into the month of April (can you believe how fast this year is flying by), all of us here at GSM seem to be of the same mind…can we just forget about the April showers and head straight for the May flowers? Living in the PacNW is such a balancing act. You can’t have all the lush foliage of the Spring, Summer and Fall without the oodles of rain in the Winter. And so, we grin and bear the wet stuff falling from the sky and hold out for the breathtaking beauty that awaits on the next sunshine-filled day!

Here are just a few of the natural wonders we plan to add to our next Spring-day itinerary:


Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area –

Breathtaking waterfalls, endless stretches of beach, rainforests, and mountains all in one? Yes please!  The Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area has all this and MORE! Nestled between Florence and Coos Bay, these dunes offer the best of both worlds, from camping, hiking, kayaking and ATV tours, to a cozy hotel stay in one of the nearby towns, delicious local fare, world-class shopping and wine tasting.


McMinnville –

One of Oregon’s best kept local secrets, McMinnville offers a host of things to do in the Spring or any other time of year, including a visit to the Evergreen Space Museum, Wings and Waves waterpark, and/or a stroll through the downtown area where top-notch eateries, boutique shops, tasting rooms, breweries and unique experiences await! Flower lovers will be taken with the surrounding farmland, teaming with crocuses, daffodils, and tulips as far as the eye can see.


Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area –

Spanning 80 miles of breathtaking PNW beauty, this scenic and spectacular river canyon, set against the Cascade Mountain Range, is home to a variety of waterfalls (including Oregon’s largest waterfall, Multnomah Falls). Featuring bright blooms and hiking opportunities for all age and experience levels, you’ll definitely want to add this destination to your next day-drive or weekend getaway bucket list.


Wherever you go, or wherever you stay, from showers to flowers, and everything in between, we wish you all the very best that this beautiful place we call home has to offer.


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