Fox 12 Oregon: Beaverton man’s life saved by quick thinking teammates

Fox 12 Oregon: Beaverton man’s life saved by quick thinking teammates

A local man’s quick-thinking teammates helped save his life after he went into cardiac arrest before a soccer match last August.

Recently, those players got together for a special reunion to remember those tense moments out on the field and celebrate a happy ending.

“All I remember is getting ready for the tournament,” Ali Moghaddampour said.

After that, everything goes fuzzy for Moghaddampour, but thankfully, his soccer teammates were paying attention on that August day in 2018.

“I came off the soccer field and saw Ali on the ground and he didn’t look normal. I went to get some water and I looked back down the side line and looked for chest movement, and saw no movement at all,” teammate Kevin Fabrycki said.

Right there, in the grass at a Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District field in Beaverton, Ali was experiencing a sudden cardiac arrest.

“I went sprinting over there, I slid on my knees, checked him out, he was not breathing. I started compressions, that’s what I’m trained to,” teammate Jason Hubert said.

Ali said their teamwork was flawless and that’s no coincidence. You may have guessed by now, these aren’t your average soccer players.

Ali’s team was a roster made up of professional life-savers including: a police officer, and a firefighter-paramedic.

Though recovery continues, Ali is thankful he was in good hands.

“It was because of their actions. It was intentional, it was awareness, action, coordination. All of that resulted in me being in the hospital and getting out,” he said.

As far as getting back out on the field, “I love soccer. I watch it all the time. If I could really go out and play without my wife screaming at me, I’d be out there playing right now.”

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