Genetics 101: What is DNA and How Is It Connected to Weight Loss?

Genetics 101: What is DNA and How Is It Connected to Weight Loss?

From Curves / Jenny Craig

Tired of trying to lose weight without seeing any results? DNA testing for weight loss might be the solution to your weight loss frustrations. Taking a simple DNA test may give you the answers you’re searching for — and you can use this knowledge to support healthy weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. Read on as we break down some DNA basics and explain how it may impact your weight loss journey in this helpful guide.

What is DNA and what is a gene?

To better understand DNA and its relationship to weight loss, it’s helpful to know what DNA is, what genes are, and what they do. While genetics is an extremely complicated topic, an easier way to think about it is like a set of cookbooks. Think of your cells as “cookbooks,” your DNA as the “recipes” each cookbook contains and genes as the “ingredients.”

Here are a few definitions of key terms related to DNA and genetics:

Cells: Your body is made up of trillions of cells which perform essential functions such as metabolizing food and absorbing nutrients from the food you consume. Cells also contain DNA.

Chromosomes are protein that is tightly wrapped by a molecule of DNA.

DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is a molecule found in the nucleus of each of your body’s cells. DNA is the “recipe” containing the biological information that makes you unique.

Genes are segments of DNA and define your individual characteristics. Genes may contribute to physical traits, like eye color and hair texture, and may also provide more insight into your weight loss experiences. Gene regulation helps cells to react to environmental changes.

A Genetic marker tells scientists where a DNA sequence can be found on each chromosome, and it helps to map the inheritance of other genes. Many DNA tests use these markers to identify specific genetic traits. You also inherit genetic markers from both parents.

If you’ve had trouble losing weight before, the information and genetic markers stored in your genes could shed light on other useful strategies geared toward healthy weight loss.

How is your DNA connected to weight loss?

DNA testing offers a unique opportunity to learn more about your body’s weight loss tendencies. There are genes that may influence certain behaviors connected to weight loss such as your likelihood to overeat and your likelihood to crave sweet or high-fat foods. You can even find out if you’re genetically predisposed to becoming overweight. With the help of a simple DNA test, you can unlock the information that’s stored in your DNA and use it to support your goals.

By understanding your genetic tendencies, you can gain insight into how to best work with your body to support healthy weight loss.”

When it comes to DNA weight loss, knowledge is power

Your DNA results indicate your body’s potential to exhibit certain characteristics, but learning that you might be more likely to gain weight doesn’t mean you’re destined for weight loss failure. Knowing your body’s tendencies around food, exercise, sleep and other factors gives you the power to make healthy changes to your lifestyle.

Sarzynski explains, “Although humans share the same genes, not all genes are expressed (or ‘turned on’). Each individual has a unique genotype and a unique set of genetic markers. So if your test results indicate that you are predisposed to being overweight as an adult, that doesn’t necessarily mean you are destined to become overweight. However, your likelihood may be greater than someone that doesn’t have that particular genotype. By knowing your genetic profile and genetic tendencies, this information can be used to better match your behaviors (diet and exercise) to your weight loss and health goals.”

Whether you’re new to joining a weight loss program or are still looking for one that works best for you, a DNA-based weight loss program could be the right fit. If you’re ready to learn more about healthy ways to lose weight, call or come into Aloha Curves/Jenny Craig!

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