Get off the treadmill, Physical rest is of vital importance to our spiritual well being

Get off the treadmill, Physical rest is of vital importance to our spiritual well being

Anyone who knows me is aware of my struggle to “get off the treadmill”.

Getting off the treadmill is my way of combating the “Get it done” trap that I easily fall into. Tackling my daily “to-do-list” usually starts out as a walk, then quickly progresses to a jog and before I know it, I’m sprinting through my to-do-list and even though I may be tempted to push the panic (stop) button, I can’t for fear that I won’t finish.

On top of that, I can also allow the expectations of others, or many of my own expectations, to increase the speed…to move faster! This mode is not only exhausting and stressful, it creates an independence from God, who came to give me abundant life and a freedom from performance-based approval.

Our “to-do-lists” can be so daunting that we hardly have time for those things that we say are important in our lives—like relationships, our health and our spiritual journey. According to most studies, the United States consistently ranks very high on the list of sleep-deprived countries. Physical rest is of vital importance to us. God created us to work and is honored when we work hard, but not from sun up to sun down (or beyond). Rest, physical and spiritual, is part of God’s plan.

God promises that we can find true spiritual rest in him. Even though our “to-do-list” may keep us from getting the physical rest we need, God is ready and waiting to walk, run or more importantly, carry us as we strive to fulfill our daily tasks. Do we truly understand that he is in the middle of our everyday stuff? No matter what the task or the conversation; he is present and whispering to get our attention, so that he can give us input and lead us!

God wants to lead us. It is such an encouragement when He gently reminds me in the middle of my “treadmill” mode that He is standing next to me, waiting for me to hit the stop button, asking me to take a deep breath and follow at His pace.

God is with us. He is with us not only to be our help in time of need or bring us peace in difficulty, He is also with us to lead us and celebrate the victories. Whether today brings troubling circumstances or great joy, remember God is in the middle of it all.

Doug Boyd is senior pastor for Parkside Fellowship located at 5755 SW Erickson Ave in Beaverton. Call (503) 646-4455 or find out more by visiting