Get the kids out of the house: Socially distanced approved things to do with your kids

Get the kids out of the house: Socially distanced approved things to do with your kids

This year has been something else, to say the least. Personally, I would have never predicted what summer 2020 had in store. Namely, a lot of staying at home.

With many families postponing vacations and events, it’s been tricky to keep the kids entertained and off the screens. With summer wrapping up and kids head back to school (at least sort of), now’s the time to try and get in a few last-minute trips out and about while you still can.

Due the ongoing COVID pandemic, many parents (myself included) are often conflicted on attending kid-centered events. If having to spend copious amounts of time indoors as a family has taught me one thing, it’s fully appreciating the activities that DO allow us to venture out a bit.

To maintain the health and safety of your family and neighbors in your community, here are a list of things you can do with your kids to get out and get active, all while safely maintaining social distance.

The Oregon Zoo: Perhaps you heard the news but it bears repeating. The Oregon Zoo is once again allowing guests to attend. Our family had the chance to visit a few weekends back. Overall, I find it’s a good option since it’s (mainly) outdoors and the zoo has implemented a number of alterations. These include:

Reservations: You have to reserve tickets in advance for specific entrance times. It’s a nice feature because it meant the easiest parking I’ve ever experienced! Weekend spots fill up fast, so plan on reserving those well in advance.

One-way walking: You’ll likely recall there were several “routes” you could take at your leisure. Now there’s a single, one-way route that basically takes a loop around the perimeter. Several, mainly closed-in sections, are blocked off and unavailable but you’re still able to see a majority of the active animal enclosures.

Do not touch the glass: This is a harder rule for the little ones to remember. There are stickers on all of the window displays reminding guests not to touch them.

The Coast: A day trip to the coast could be just the ticket. Our kiddos are still pretty young, so playing in the sand and dipping their toes into the water provide hours of active entertainment. More importantly, there’s plenty of room to feel comfortable. Pro tip: By packing a cooler and bringing snacks, the only potential pit stop you’ll need is the occasional bathroom break.

Farms: Living in Beaverton puts us closer to numerous farm experiences available within and around the county.

Picking Produce: Large farms with space to U-pick are a great opportunity to keep the kids busy and snap some great pics while you’re there. Our family’s favorite places to go include Hoffman Farms (berries) and Sherwood Orchards (apples).

Go Pet a Goat: Did you know there are farms where you can take part in some goat therapy. Portland Goat Parties comes highly recommended as you can make a reservation to see and feed and pet the all the goats.

Take a Hike: Part of the beauty of living in the Pacific Northwest is simply going outside. Yes, the folks around here tend to value nature so of course taking a walk-through nature’s beauty could be just what the doctor ordered. Some local favorites include Cooper Mountain, Tryon Creek, and Tualatin Hills Nature Park.

Katie Carrick lives in Beaverton with her husband, two young children, and their yappy but loveable dog, Mendel. She’s a former clinical scientist who now works as a freelance writer. For more information visit