Get to know your neighbor: Staying at home brings new opportunities

Get to know your neighbor: Staying at home brings new opportunities

If your neighborhood is anything like mine, you may have noticed some new faces walking up and down the street these past few weeks. Fear not! These strangers may actually be your neighbors; we might have just not noticed them before!

So, with this moment of reflection from our normal “rat race” of our daily living, perhaps we can use this as an opportunity to observe some wonderful things that are just outside our front door.

Do you know who lives on your street or in your building? If not, a nice way of getting to know your neighbors is to simply wave and say hello as they walk by. Introduce yourself! Tell them it’s nice to see them outside enjoying our beautiful weather! This can all be done from six feet away.

By simply saying hello, we are harkening a time before screens and internet self-sufficiency when it was important, if not necessary, to know who our neighbors were. Today we have such an opportunity to not only learn their names, but also share in our daily living together.

  • Perhaps you have children who are the same age.
  • Maybe you are a dog lover as well.
  • We can all complain about the lack of sports in the world today!
  • Let’s talk about what shows you are watching these days.

Believe it or not, this small talk may lead to discoveries of some really fascinating shared interests, passions, and larger discussion.

When we take the time to learn who our neighbors are, many of the mysterious societal silos that we have put up are also mysteriously torn down. Little by little, our human interactions can help us build trust with one another, open the lines of communication that once seemed improbable, and who knows, maybe even build friendships with those who live closest to us.

Don’t be afraid to wave and say hello!

Rev. Jeff Binder is the Pastor at Valley Community Presbyterian Church. Visit us at: