Getting Back to “Normal”?

Getting Back to “Normal”?

“So… when are we getting back to normal?”

This question seems to be on the top of people’s minds these days. And the response may depend on who you ask. Some people say that we’ll all be back to normal living in a couple of weeks. Others say that we will never be back to normal. My guess is that the majority of people understand that the answer lies somewhere in between these two extreme responses. Yes, there will come a day when this virus will be better controlled by the wonders of medicine, much like so many other previous viruses in our world. But how do people simply go back to business as usual after experiencing such a life-altering experience as a global pandemic?

So, my pastoral message for you this month is more in the form of a question: what is “normal” anyways? Our yearning to go back to the good old days is completely natural, understandable, and human. In fact, we’re not alone. Adam and Eve had to figure things out after being kicked out of the Garden of Eden. Noah and his family found themselves in an ark, and no firm plans for what happened next. Moses and the Israelites argued…and argued…and argued about whether it was better to go back to Egypt, or keep on moving forward in an unfamiliar wilderness. The Apostles didn’t know quite what to do following the ascension of Jesus leading up to Pentecost. For people of faith, the idea of “normal” has always been a fleeting notion. Perhaps one lesson from our scriptures is that God prepares us for anything but normal living.

We as a people have suffered plagues, natural disasters, wars, and economic recession (just to name a few), and we have not only survived, but we have become stronger through it. Friends, whether you want to call it “getting back to normal” or not, we are moving forward.

In a strange way, perhaps it is helpful to think that we were actually made for such a time as this, and God has plans for us to prosper and thrive not only in the days to come, but with each and every day that we experience.

Rev. Jeff Binder is the Pastor at Valley Community Presbyterian Church. Visit us at: