Going green in Beaverton: Give it a second chance

Going green in Beaverton: Give it a second chance



March is often associated with “green”.  The first day of Spring (3/2/2022) and St. Patrick’s Day (3/17/2022) are two reasons why.  The greening of leaves and yards indicating that mowing season is just around the corner!

Spring-cleaning involves clearing out the old and making way for new and fresh. While yard waste can be composted into something useful, it is a little trickier to determine which “hard goods” (such as furnishings, clothing, and other personal items) are destined to the dump or if there is a way to give them a new life at a new home.

Green Allies within our Chamber Partners

Ridwell is a newcomer to our area and provides an in-between recycling service.  While most of the service providers in our area will accept paper, some plastics, metal, and glass, Ridwell picks up those extra items that are still left:  plastic film (such as shrink and bubble wrap), lightbulbs, household batteries.  With an additional add-on, they will also pick up Styrofoam peanuts and coolers, fluorescent light tubes, and clear plastic clamshell contains (such as deli, fruit & berry, or egg containers).

When used in conjunction with local trash haul and recycle programs, very little can end up in the landfill.

Goodwill Industries of the Columbia Willamette is the official name for our local Goodwill store.  They are the go-to for many when it comes to bulk donations of usable household goods and clothing.  They support our community both in terms of accepting donations, but also have a vocational program that provides opportunities to people with disabilities as well as other barriers to employment.

Washington County Habitat ReStore is a “home improvement store and donation center that sells new and gently used furniture, home decor, appliances, building materials, light fixtures, and more to the public at discounted prices.” All proceeds support local Habitat for Humanity homebuilding programs.  Citing from their website, pdxrestore.org, The ReStore diverted over 6K tons of reusable material from landfills and earned over $67K by recycling metal, paint, and other materials.  Despite being in a pandemic, they logged over 700 volunteers who gave more than 25K hours in the region this past year.

Assistance League of Greater Portland Thrift and Consignment Shop offers programs that benefit children and victims of violence.  They also offer a scholarship for students pursuing a trade school education. The way these programs are funded are by operating their Thrift and Consignment shops (as well as grants, events, and donations).  Our branch has been serving the community since 1961. If you have some nicer pieces, too good to toss but not enough to host your own sale, think about connecting with the Assistance League.  Not only will you make a little money on your discard, you’ll also be helping the community.  All the proceeds stay right here in our area!

To quote one of our Chamber team:

“Only dump as a last resort:  If it still has life, let it live; if it still has purpose, pass it on; if it is truly expensed, RECYCLE!”


For more information about these and other Chamber partner businesses, visit our website at beaverton.org