Harper selected into Center for Talented Youths, Recognized for high honors in math

Harper selected into Center for Talented Youths, Recognized for high honors in math



Harper has been enrolled in the Kumon Math and Reading Program since she was four years old. During her time as a Kumon Student, she’s been able to progress through various levels to advance her math and reading skills. Her hard work paid off as she earned the J by 6 Award in both math and reading. She was even selected into the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth with recognition in high honors for math!

Harper explains how Kumon’s step-by-step learning style has helped her outside of the classroom. She says, “Kumon has taught me to break challenging tasks down step-by-step. By breaking tasks down, I have become more successful in school and in sports that I play like hockey and lacrosse, as well as some of my hobbies like magic and Legos.”

One accomplishment that Harper is particularly proud of achieving, is her project of setting up and organizing a book drive for Promising Pages – a non-profit that has a goal of providing books and a free resource to those who need, by collecting new and donated books. These books are then distributed to students and organizations. This was a meaningful project to her because she’s an avid reader and knowing that “60,000 kids had no books” motivated her to help others find the same joy she does in reading.

When it comes to challenging work, Harper hopes to one day become a rocket scientist. Her interest in math and space theory are what propels her to want to work towards this career. It’s her perseverance and drive that shine through as she wants “to see how far we can push our understanding of the universe.”


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