Have you ever been to Copenhagen, Denmark? I just got back and it was amazing!

Have you ever been to Copenhagen, Denmark? I just got back and it was amazing!



There are many great things to see and do in Copenhagen, such as Tivoli Gardens, Nyhaven and Rosenburg Castle, of which the latter we did not see as there were too many other sites to see.

Copenhagen is a popular destination, but not too touristy like Paris, Rome or even Barcelona, so it makes a great vacation spot.

My visit was in June of this year, so the time to visit Copenhagen is from March to June for their mild weather, and some mild rain showers, as was the case when we visited in June. While the summer brings the warmest weather and a number of popular, large-scale events, those looking for lower rates and fewer crowds may consider traveling to Copenhagen in the springtime.

Scandinavia is a pretty expensive part of the world to visit, and Copenhagen was no exception. Our dinner at the historical ‘Frk, Barners Kalder’, named after the noblewomen that owned the land around the restaurant, and who dedicated her life helping women escape poverty, crime and life on the streets, ran about $75.66USD (502DKK) – but our light meal of salad and a pot of stew, aptly named ‘Miss Barner’s Stew’ of an authentic, Danish inspired stew, served in a cauldron-type pot at our table and shared between the four of us, was not only memorable but delicious!

Bikes are everywhere! And only second to Amsterdam as a city that runs on bikes to get anywhere. As an American, I was truly delighted that tipping was not expected nor encouraged and I did not see a tip added to the final bill. As for the bill, you can pay in Danish Krone or in Euros – they converted the amounts right on the bill.

I felt perfectly safe roaming around the streets of Copenhagen, looking for the National Museum of Denmark – and their Viking exhibit. People are friendly, and the weather was great. We saw Tivoli Gardens, joined the Vikings on a raid, food is awesome, saw the original LEGO store, visited Nyhaven/Old District and so much more! Wished we could have stayed longer than 2 nights, before hopping onto our UK cruise.

The city of Copenhagen can expect a future visit from me for sure.


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