Health & Happiness: Habitually Healthy

Health & Happiness: Habitually Healthy

By Dr. Bryen Bell

We as Americans consistently fall behind our goals for improving our health and fitness, and our New Year’s Resolutions to change that seem to melt away faster than snowflakes come February. The CDC’s decade-long study on improving our country’s health found that as a country we fail to meet our improvement standard for fitness and nutrition. A large part of why our good intentions seem to peter out is because we don’t know how to form healthy, sustainable habits.

Based on a study by the Association for Psychological Science, here are some scientific strategies:

Outline how your old, unhealthy habits affect those around you and compare it to how your new habits will improve their lives as well as yours.

Form “if-then” plans to overcome obstacles and seize opportunities, like having a back-up day planned in case you miss a workout or an appointment, or making a goal to try one new recipe a week.

Create obstacles between you and disruptive bad habits, making it more difficult to fall back on old patterns, like not buying sugary foods or packing your lunch instead of eating out.

Strengthen good habits by integrating them into your routine or “piggybacking” them onto an existing habit (e.g. treating yourself to coffee after your chiropractic adjustment or calling your best friend on the way home from the gym).

Implementing even one of these steps will help you on your way to a healthy and well-adjusted lifestyle.

Dr. Bryen A. Bell is a Board-Certified Chiropractic Physician with over 20 years of professional experience. He practices with his wife and operates True Potential Chiropractic family care facility. For more information, contact 503-574-4872 or visit Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash