Health & Happiness: Healthy Fats vs. Bad Fats: Part 2, How to Tell the Difference

By Aloha Curves/Jenny Craig23 healthy fats

How To Spot Good & Bad Fats on Nutrition Labels

Now that we know what bad fats and good fats are, how do you ensure you are getting enough of the good, healthy fats and staying away from the less healthy stuff? A great place to start is by reading the labels of the food you are purchasing. With a few easy tricks you will be able to decipher the healthy vs not so healthy.

On the Nutritional Facts Panel, there will be a section called Total Fat which is further broken up into saturated fat and trans-fat. Ideally, you should look for foods with labels that state 0 grams of trans fat and aim for those with less than 20% of the Daily Value (DV) for saturated fat or 2 grams saturated fat per serving.

While the Nutrition Facts Panel does not include amounts of good fats from polyunsaturated/monounsaturated sources, you can read the ingredient list to look for heart healthy fat sources like canola, corn, cottonseed, flaxseed, grape-seed, olive, peanut, soybean, and sunflower oil, as well as nuts like almonds, walnuts and peanuts, seeds that support healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

A great step on the pathway to a healthy lifestyle is understanding the ingredients in the foods you are eating. And always remember the 80/20 rule! If most of your choices include lean and low saturated fat choices, there’s room for an occasional splurge in your day. Dessert- yes, please!

Healthy Fats & How We Design Our Menu

With the Jenny Craig menu, you can enjoy healthier versions of your favorite foods. Our team of nutritionists and professional chefs work to make sure that the Jenny Craig food is developed with strict specifications for regarding the amount of fat, saturated fat, sodium and added sugar as well as to emphasize the inclusion of vegetables, whole grain/fiber and heart healthy fats.

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