Health & Happiness: Holidays your way

Health & Happiness: Holidays your way

By Camille Keith

During this time of year there is often an emphasis on celebrating the holidays and spending time with family. There seems to be an expectation that you are supposed to have fun and be jolly. But what if the holidays cause you more stress than joy?

Remember that even though everyone around you seems to be in the holiday spirit, it’s ok if you’re not. Instead of forcing yourself to spend the holidays a certain way because you are “expected to,” think about what you would enjoy doing.

Take time to reflect on the activities that would be most meaningful for you. You may decide that spending time working on a hobby would be more fun than going out. Or maybe you prefer to spend time with a few close friends or family members than at a large gathering.

If you find yourself feeling obligated to participate in certain events, think about limiting the amount of time you spend at those events. Are there events you would prefer to skip altogether? Whatever you decide to do, remind yourself why you are doing it.

Also make sure to schedule some time for self-care. The holidays are often busy with many things going on, so it’s important to make time to recharge.

Still feeling overwhelmed? Counseling can be an opportunity to take time for yourself and reflect on how you feel this time of year.

Camille Keith, MS, NCC is an LPC Intern under the supervision of Tara Sanderson PsyD, and provides individual counseling to help you clarify your values and maintain your sense of self in relationships. For more information, call (971) 295-1547 or visit