Health & Happiness: The “mad“ truth about back pain

Health & Happiness: The “mad“ truth about back pain

By Dr. Bryen Bell

Would you see a dentist for a problem with your eyesight? Would you see the orthodontist for stomach pain? Of course not! You go see a specialist for that special kind of problem.

A “mad” truth that many individuals assume is that shoulder, back, and hip pain are merely symptoms of aging and just growing older. But they aren’t! These are physical problems that can be caused by things as simple as (bad) posture habits, sleeping in a funky position one-too-many night, or that car accident 10 years ago.

Occasionally, some will complain to their doctors about these aches and pains; but frequently these issues are just treated, not corrected. Pain medication does help, but does it always FIX the problem? Can any chemical fix a physical problem?

Another “mad” truth is that taking pills for physical pain has led to a nation-wide opioid epidemic. The CDC recently reported that there were over 42,249 deaths related to drugs (opioids) in 2016 alone. That’s over a thousand more deaths than the average total of Americans that lose their lives yearly, from breast cancer (41,070).

Why treat a problem, when you could just as easily FIX it? Especially when the “fix” is as simple as just seeing someone that specializes in physical problems (aka, a specialist).

This March, don’t live in the madness.

Dr. Bryen A. Bell is a Board-Certified Chiropractic Physician with 17 years of professional experience. He practices with his wife and operate True Potential Chiropractic, a professionally endorsed, award-winning family care facility. Questions regarding any information in this article please contact 503-574-4872. Or visit them online at