Health is a journey, not a destination: Stay focused on your goals!

Health is a journey, not a destination: Stay focused on your goals!



For the last two months this column has been focused on health-related New Year’s Resolutions as they pertain to nutrition and exercise. Hopefully, you have been able to make a baby step, or two in each area.

However, if you aren’t there – you aren’t there – but you must keep going…

You might think, ”Alright, I made it through January, and even did ok through February – so I’m good, right?” Unfortunately, or really fortunately you are really just beginning.

By now you have added some new habits, changed some bad daily patterns, and are starting to see some changes. Congratulations! That is the point. But if you have not achieved your goal weight, fitness level, or… you must keep going! Sometimes it is the newness of a goal that helps one move closer – it is the commitment to the goal that helps you achieve the goal.

The question really comes down to: “WHY, do you want to achieve…” It is in holding onto the Why that we get to actually reach our goals. For some of my patients their ‘why’ is that they want to be healthy to watch their grandchildren grow up and mentor them. Others want to be able to travel the world. Still others want to have a regular active life at home and work without the inhibition of sicknesses and diseases and pain.

Whatever your “why,” this is what you must hold tight and stay focused on – until you hit your goals. Then, it is what you keep handy in your mind, so you don’t slip away from being able to maintain your newfound health.

Yes, it is easy to read this and decide to start yet again. Maybe you have a strong why. Perhaps you know what you should eat. You may even have a membership at a gym. In fact, you may have had all this all along. Yet here you are struggling to move forward. Here is the biggest tip for you…

You don’t have to do this alone!

Ask a friend, or better yet two, that can support you on your journey. You then can support them. Sometimes we just need someone that can come along next to us to cheer us on – or lovingly kick us in the ‘can’ to stay the course. This is truly the key for success! Shear will and determination are great, but can only take us so far. Having a friend’s support can be the necessary nudge needed to be successful!


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Dr. Dan Miller has been serving the Beaverton area since 1992. He has long held the belief that good health begins before birth.