Healthy gift ideas for Mother’s Day: Love your mother with a gift of relaxation and health

Healthy gift ideas for Mother’s Day: Love your mother with a gift of relaxation and health

In honor of Spring and Mother’s Day, I thought to celebrate the feminine, nurturing, creative, receptive and intuitive aspect of the people we love and of ourselves. Some of them may not even female!

Here are some ways we can embody a Mother’s heart and gift a friend or relative (or our own self) something special.


Herbal Teas to enhance intuition: Steep a cup and sip by candle light

  • Lavender: calming, reduces stress and induces dreams
  • Chamomile: antispasmodic, helps induce sleep, very gentle
  • Mugwort: named after the Moon goddess Artemisia, mugwort opens up connections to the psychic realms (not safe for pregnancy and lactating women).


Herbal Baths: wonderful ways to release tension, relax, enhance libido or sleep or dreams.

  • 2-3 cups of Epsom salts mixed with 5-15 drops of essential oils then added to a bath.
  • Good essential oils include rosemary, cedarwood, roman chamomile, lavender, sweet orange.

Seed cycling is the practice of consuming different seeds during 2 phases of the month and is used by many women to support their menstrual cycle. Seeds are high in essential fatty acids that reduce inflammation, fiber that will improve digestion, lignans that support hormone health and contain protein. If a person is not menstruating, seed cycling can follow the phases of the moon (New Moon/Full Moon) and of course can be done by all sexes.

  • Phase I (New Moon/period to ovulation) consume 1 TBSP Ground flax and pumpkin seeds
  • Phase II (Full Moon/ovulation to menses) consume 1 TBSP Ground sesame and sunflower seeds.
  • You can also cycle fish oil and evening primrose oil is a similar fashion


Nutrients that support phases of a woman’s life:

  • Magnesium is great for menstrual cramps, sleep, headaches, constipation and jaw clenching.
  • Folate is important in pregnancy, protecting the spinal cord and brain from defects. I like it as folinate or methyl folate instead of folic acid.
  • For PMS – vitamin B6, Magnesium
  • For nursing mothers – fennel tea, fenugreek help with milk production.
  • For menopausal hot flashes – black cohosh, maca, wild yam motherwort
  • Vitamin D for bone health and immunity

For all of us – find some time to lie down in the grass and let Mother Earth hold you. Thank her for being a GREAT MOTHER!



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