Help! A cat is chasing my chickens!!

Help! A cat is chasing my chickens!!

Q&A w/Bonnie Hays

Question: Recently, there has been a cat coming into my yard and harassing and menacing my pet chicken. I’m not sure if it is a stray or if it belongs to someone in the neighborhood. I chase it away when I see it in my yard, but I can’t be out there all the time. I’m scared that my chicken will be killed in my own yard! Can you help?

Answer: A cat found on your property can be brought to the shelter for a $10 fee. We will scan the cat for a microchip, contact an owner if possible, and post the cat on our lost and found website. If the owner is located, they will need to come to the shelter to pick their cat up and will be subject to fees based on how long their cat was here. If no owner comes forward, the cat will become ours and we will assess them and work to create the best outcome.

If you haven’t already, you may want to speak with your neighbors to find out if the cat belongs to any of them. A conversation could lead to them keeping their cat on their own property where it will be safer and less likely to harm birds, including local wildlife and your chicken. If talking directly doesn’t work, consider mediation. Beaverton’s Center for Mediation and Dialogue and the Hillsboro Mediation Program are both successful at calming down both sides of neighbor issues and helping people resolve their differences.

Question: Why is the Bonnie Hays Animal Shelter closed on Sundays? What about the animals?

Answer: First of all, let us reassure you that the animals are receiving care on Sundays and any holidays where we are closed to the public. We have staff and volunteers at the shelter 365 days per year to care for the animals. We would need a much larger staff (and budget) in order to be open every day of the week. Animal care staff are key, but administrative specialists, officers, medical staff, and managers are also needed in order to serve the public. Staff are also able to undertake important deep cleaning and other tasks that they just can’t do when they are also helping customers.

Each month, you will have the chance to have your questions answered by the animal shelter. Email your questions to and we will try to answer as many as possible.

For more information on these topics and more, please visit The Bonnie Hays Animal Shelter is located at 1901 SE 24th Ave in Hillsboro.