Help kids stay active this Summer. Donate towards a Kid’s Action Bag

Help kids stay active this Summer. Donate towards a Kid’s Action Bag

Hello Friends!

When kids Play Actively, they not only move their bodies, but they: Explore, Experiment, Build Skills, Enhance Confidence & Self Esteem, Strength Resilience and build other healthy life habits!

This goes for all kids! However, there is a large number of low income & homeless families in our community…and part of our organization’s Kids Action Mission is to provide these families with free sports balls and sporting goods when we can.

Who are we?

We are Play.Fit.Fun, who’s overall mission in life is to get kids active, moving, and playing interactively and socially!

This summer, we’ve created what we call Kids Action Bags:  This program will have Play.Fit.Fun delivering bags with balls and sporting goods to families in need this summer!

You can help!

We can’t do this alone, as COVID-19 has been hard on us financially, as well as our vendors who now cannot donate the balls & equipment. So, we have to buy everything.

Would you consider buying 1 to 10 Kids Action Bags? They are just $20.00 each!


Each bag for each family, will contain 4-5 items: 1-2 sports balls, a Frisbee, a jump rope, a play ground/wall ball and/or a handheld ball to have fun with. Items will vary.

Kids Action Bags will make it possible for kids to get out of the house…get active…have fun…and build healthy life habits!!

Each Kids Action Bag only costs $20.00 each.

If you want to donate/purchase 1-10 Kids Action Bags, use the link below:


The physical and mental wellness derived from all of this will be immense for kids in our community!

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