Help prevent falls in older adults with a free risk assessment



The statistics surrounding falls in older adults are stark: 36 million falls per year in the United States, leading to three million trips to an emergency room, and 800,000 hospitalizations.

But behind every statistic is a person whose health and well-being are compromised by falling. If they suffer an injury there can be a lengthy, painful rehabilitation process.

When considering factors that can lead to a fall in an older adult, there are some obvious ones that come to mind: whether it’s clutter on the floor or a change in vision or overall health, it can be easy to foresee and mitigate some risks.

However, there are other less-recognizable risks that can come into play, anything from the effects of previous surgeries to an improperly fitted walking device to frequently needing to get up in the night can all be indicators of underlying risk factors for falling.

To discover risk factors that may exist for you or a loved one, we have a free online fall risk assessment available at By taking just a few minutes to fill out the evaluation, you might discover reasons for concern you may not have previously considered.


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