Help shape our city’s future and make a lasting impact

Help shape our city’s future and make a lasting impact



I want to take a moment to discuss an important and often overlooked opportunity for you to give back to our community and make a positive, lasting impact. One of the most effective ways you can contribute to shaping our city’s future is by joining a city board or commission.

City boards and commissions are instrumental in our local governance, as they provide a direct channel for residents to speak with city leadership, including both city council members and staff. By participating in a board or commission, you will be able to share your perspectives, float new ideas, and help formulate policies that affect everyone in our community.

These boards and commissions focus on a variety of important issues that touch all aspects of our lives, such as transportation safety, community equity, climate action, library matters, and many other vital subjects. As a board or commission member, you can learn more about these issues and take action on the matters that you care about most. It’s an excellent way to work with others who share your passion for making our city an even better place to live.

In addition to the direct impact you can make on policy, joining a city board or commission is a valuable opportunity to build your personal and professional network. You’ll have the chance to connect with other residents, city officials, and local leaders who are just as dedicated to improving our community as you are.

Before I had the privilege of serving as your mayor, I was a proud member of Beaverton’s Visioning Advisory Committee. I can personally attest to the significant difference that being part of a board can make, both for the community and for oneself.


If you’re interested in learning more or applying for a board or commission, please visit for more information.

Lacey Beaty was elected Mayor of Beaverton in 2020. Prior to serving as Mayor, she served for six years on the Beaverton City Council.