Helping a client to downsize, a true story (The challenges & lessons of selling a home)

Helping a client to downsize, a true story (The challenges & lessons of selling a home)



Downsizing when a spouse has Lewy Body dementia brings a whole new level of emotions when moving. Knowing that you have cared for your loved one the best you can, and then needing to put him in the care of others is a tremendous step, and one that is not taken lightly or easily.

I have such respect for our client who did just that as it was a necessary step and yet one that brought guilt and angst. One statistic states that 65% of family caretakers pass before their loved one as it takes a toll emotionally, physically and spiritually. The level of patience required is immeasurable and exhausting.

Not only that, when judged by adult family members as to why the family home is being sold, or why dad is being put into memory care instead of supporting mom through it all is gut wrenching. Amidst the pain, our client rose at every step!

Block out the ‘should haves’ people

We put the home on the market, and it sold for over the asking amount. Even then, family provided their opinions. I love what Wayne Dyer says that life is not about the ‘good opinions of other people’. People who are NOT in the real estate world often provide their input on what they think ‘should have’ happened or ‘should’ be done. For example, ‘should have’ received more offers, ‘should have’ sold for more, and yet they have no idea what is occurring on the streets where homes are being bought and sold.


In short, the market has shifted

We are seeing price changes in a range of values and as this occurs, that means homes are on the market longer and more competition comes into play. We had consistent traffic in our open houses the first weekend and received two offers selling over asking.

Moving is a big deal and if you know someone going through it, instead of speaking without fully understanding the market, bring your support and encouragement. We have seen where someone’s good intentions steered a client wrong, instead of listening to our experience and advice and the outcome was not as desired. We are grateful our client is so happy and that is what matters to us!

Downsizing: Most seniors feel stress and overwhelm by the downsizing process.  To move them, and their families forward, we create a customized step-by-step plan ensuring our client’s next chapter begins relaxed and filled with joy.

Real Estate: Buying and selling in this ever-changing climate can be daunting. We bring over 15 years of real estate experience having bought and sold in a variety of economies regularly achieving our client’s goals.

Seminars: Often, adults have not planned for their ensuing health, financial, and legacy needs not realizing the harmful results. Our seminars educate and deliver resources that inspire people to make informed choices for their future, and those of their loved ones.

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