Helping your parents move from afar with long distance caring

Helping your parents move from afar with long distance caring

Some of us have the luxury of living near or within a two-hour distance from our parents and that makes them reachable. Others are not so lucky living out of state or across the country. For this group, when it comes time to help parents move to a smaller home, condo or senior living community, provide assistance from across the miles can be quite a challenge.


Preparation is key to helping

The first step is to start early and not when the need to downsize is immediate. When a health challenge arises and moving is no longer an option but a necessity, the level of stress is augmented significantly making daily and important decisions herculean. Therefore, helping our parents begin the process of getting rid of unnecessary items sooner, versus later, is vital. It is also more fun for them to do it while healthy and able to re-live memories. I cannot emphasis enough the importance of this step.


Consider a Certified Professional Organizer

Secondly, if one parent is healthy and care taking for the other, the off-loading of unwanted items can be overwhelming. Not to worry, however, since you can help your parent from afar by finding a certified professional organizer. Finding one who is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) assures you they have been trained in processes, professionalism and integrity.


Consider a Certified Senior Housing Professional

Thirdly, when it is time for finding a smaller footprint to call home, there are Certified Senior Housing Professionals who are Realtors that have been trained in the needs of mature adults. Some parents may be ready to ditch the large home in order to find something more manageable. These Realtors help in that process as well as finding the best right-sized home for your parent.


Consider a Senior Move Manager

Additionally, these Realtors can work in conjunction with Senior Move Managers, which are companies designed to help pack, move and set up all or some of the furniture in the new location. The National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASSM) is a good place to look for one. It doesn’t matter if you are moving into a senior community, a condo or a home, having a Move Manager can help put everyone at ease. Your parent can relax knowing that they will be in good hands with skilled team members who understand the stress a move can have and make sure all is done with care and consideration.


Help is available

If you are living long distance from your parent or parents, consider these services. They can help you and your family completely manage the downsizing, selling and move transition.

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