Holiday decorations before Thanksgiving?! Truthfully, I love it!

Holiday decorations before Thanksgiving?! Truthfully, I love it!



I do not know about all neighborhoods right now, but mine has already begun to sparkle with the classic red and green lights. They went up before the Thanksgiving turkey could be enjoyed. One of my classrooms at school is decorated in LED blue lights to resemble snow and two blow up characters, a Santa and a snowman, stand tall amongst the desks. Truthfully, I love it. No matter what holiday you celebrate with your family, it is never too early to start decorating or planning.

My mother recently made a comment saying that a month for planning meals and presents is simply not enough time. This fact makes me love the winter season even more. Her frantic statement, along with the decorations already adoring houses and schools alike, is a testament to the dedication and love people share for these traditions. Whether it be family gatherings that last to the point of utter exhaustion, cooking for a crowd of forty when really only ten people are coming, or waiting patiently for snow to grace the windowsills on the day of a big celebration, there are so many joyous traditions and new activities that happen in numerous households all over the world during this time of year. Personally, I think it’s quite magical.

Through the year, it can prove difficult to carve out time to properly celebrate with friends and family, so to have these holidays that are dedicated to love, connection, and delight is absolutely wonderful.

So, enjoy the time you can spend with relatives and friends. Enjoy the feeling of a warm, full home. This is a time to bring about happiness in one of its purest forms. I hope every single person experiences a wonderfully magical and celebratory holiday season.

See you in the new year!


Elisabeth Dellit is a 10th Grader at Jesuit High School. She enjoys reading, writing creative stories, baking/cooking and participating in her school’s drama program.