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Building a Better Beaverton: Safe Parking | Bridges to Change | Beaverton Shelter

#CityNews   Safe Parking Program Celebrates its Second Anniversary! The Safe Parking Program has just celebrated its two-year mark in April! The program’s goal is to provide a safe, legal place to park and case management for people experiencing homelessness and...

Is it legal to drive a car with a loud rumbling muffler? No, it is not

How often have you been sitting at a traffic light – or lounging in your yard – and, long before you can see it, you hear a car approaching? The noise from the exhaust is so loud you would swear it’s a low-flying airplane… or a whole squadron! While car enthusiasts...

Where do you draw strength from?

My name is Rev. Dr. Troy Sybrant and I am the newly arrived senior pastor of Murray Hills Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Beaverton. I began investing in communities early in my career, working alongside a 98 percent black community to secure low-income...

We are all overdue for some outdoor fun… here comes the SUN!

#BeavertonHealth&Happiness   Summer! Yay! Beaches! Yay! Swimming! Camping! Hiking! Gardening! Hooray!!  We are all overdue for some outdoor fun. Sun is so important for mood, growth and vitamin D!  But what is safe sun? In order to get adequate vitamin D from...

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Vote for your Favorite Beaverton Business The BRG is holding a 2021 Reader’s Choice Awards for Best Beaverton Business in several categories. Be sure to vote for your favorite businesses and if you have loyal customers, let them know so they can vote for you!

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