Hope and Excitement in Downtown Beaverton: Come downtown & find something beautiful

Hope and Excitement in Downtown Beaverton: Come downtown & find something beautiful



When the pandemic shut down activities almost two years ago, there was a lot of confusion about what would be coming next. But we knew that whatever happened, we wanted to support our neighbors through it.

It’s wild looking back now and seeing how much downtown Beaverton has continued to grow, but it has not been easy.

That’s why we are so excited to share that Sizzle Pie has officially opened. So go in and grab a slice while you explore other downtown businesses.

The Pat Reser Center for the Arts is also officially opening on March 8, the second anniversary of the start of pandemic shutdowns.

This project and group of people really want The Reser to be integrated with the rest of downtown, and so it’ll be really fun to shop, grab food from a downtown restaurant, and then go see an incredible show in the new building.

It’s not just the building that’s exciting though. Beaverton Creek has been given an opportunity to shine, and it doesn’t disappoint. For decades, Beaverton’s waterways have been hidden underground where they have been unable to serve as natural habitat or places for people to enjoy. Right outside The Reser, people will get to enjoy ducks, birds, and native creatures enjoying the creek. Beaverton needs more habitat restoration like this, and we are so happy to see it happening downtown.

And so we encourage you all to come downtown, pause, and find something beautiful here. It could be a stream, a mural, an old building, a kind neighbor, or a lovingly created food or drink.

We’ve been in a state of constant pandemic stress for two years. Let yourself be at peace in this community. Experience the joy of new life continually coming forth.

And maybe you will find some new life of your own.

Much love,

Kevin Teater


The Beaverton Downtown Association promotes the historic preservation and economic development of Old Town Beaverton. Want to get involved? Check out our website at www.downtownbeaverton.org.