How can you help welcome others? Harvesting the fruits of Autumn

How can you help welcome others? Harvesting the fruits of Autumn



Henry David Thoreau: “October is the month for painted leaves… As fruits and leaves and the day itself acquire a bright tint just before they fall, so the year near its setting.”


It’s a month with a rare alignment of sport activities with baseball, basketball, football, and hockey. As the colors change on trees, so team colors appear as well.

There is a cornucopia of events beckoning us to experience autumn’s richness. Why not take in the colorful local produce at either the Beaverton Farmers Market or the many other markets in the area?

  • Unsure what to purchase? Go to the Portland Nursery Apple Tasting Festival where over sixty varieties of apples and pears are there to taste, for free!
  • Want to explore among rows of corn? Consider the Corn Maize at the Pumpkin Patch on Sauvie Island.
  • Thirsty? Head over to the Portland Fresh Hops Fest where over forty-four vendors await to share the unique flavors and aromas imparted to beers by freshly harvested hops.
  • Interested in state history? Head to the Pittcock Mansion for “Black in Oregon: 1840-1870” and discover the resilience of early black pioneers who braved legalized racial exclusion to build a future here.
  • Want to learn about other cultures? Find your way to Portland’s Greek Festival for food, music, dancing, and shopping. Or drop by the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art for the 40th Annual Day of the Dead celebration.
  • Wanting to support local artists and crafters? Drive over to Portland Saturday Market where over 150 vendors await to display products from the Pacific Northwest.
  • Love everything about Halloween? St. Helens (a.k.a. “Halloweentown”) celebrates it all month.


So much to experience, so much to share!

  • What gifts from 2022 fill your cornucopia?
  • What fruits are yet to be harvested this year?
  • With whom will you share them?


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