How do I update my cat’s microchip info? Q&A w/Bonnie Hays

How do I update my cat’s microchip info? Q&A w/Bonnie Hays

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I know my cat has a microchip, but I’m not sure which company it is with or whether my contact information is correct. What can I do?

We always encourage people to regularly check their chip to make sure it is still functioning and that the contact information associated with it is current. It can take a few steps to verify everything, but the time spent will be well worth it if your pet ever gets lost. First, have your pet scanned for a microchip. Your veterinarian’s office should be able to do that free of charge. They will be able to give you the chip number. Then, go to and enter the number. This database from the American Animal Hospital Association will tell you which company manufactured the chip. Next, go to that company’s website to verify your information. Some you can do online and others you may need to call. Finally, you can create a secondary registration at for free. We can also add your pet’s microchip information to our records here at Animal Services.

My dog loves to go places, and I love bringing her with me in the summer. What are the rules for dogs at restaurants and bars?

According to the Oregon Health Authority, there a special rule provision that allows food service operators such as restaurants, bars and food cart pods the ability to offer designated outdoor seating for patrons wishing to dine with their dogs. Such eateries must have written procedures that demonstrate how public health concerns will be addressed, such as prohibiting employees from touching the dogs, and providing a way for people with dogs to access the area without traveling through the main restaurant. Permission to dine outdoors with your dog is at the discretion of the restaurant, so always ask politely and make sure that both you and your pet demonstrate your best manners. Of course, services dogs are always allowed, including indoors.

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