How much insurance coverage should I have on my car?

How much insurance coverage should I have on my car?


Answer: Full Coverage is best


Hello Loyal Beaverton Readers! I would like to thank everyone who has written in, emailed and called about our most recent articles. I really appreciate the feedback. I especially was pleased by all of the folks wanting to know more about PDR Solutions, and the automotive reconditioning they do.

For this month’s story, I would like to talk about my neighbor Sally. Sally is in her upper 70’s and being on a fixed income, making ends meet is getting difficult. She decided that having full coverage insurance on her 2007 Toyota Rav4 was too much money. As it turns out, this is never a good idea, especially when your car is in pristine condition with only 50k miles on it!

Sadly, a few weeks back while attempting to make a turn, another driver was exceeding the speed limit and hit Sally’s car. The good news is that she was unharmed, but her beloved car was damaged on the passenger side front corner as well as the left rear panel as it spun around.

The result was the total loss of the vehicle and since the other driver had no insurance, Sally will receive no settlement. This is truly a very sad reminder that we never know what will happen. Had Sally not cancelled her full coverage, her vehicle, it would have been worth around $10k. As it is now with extensive damage, a wrecking yard will only pay about $500. Sally is now left with no car, no way to purchase another vehicle, all to save a few dollars every month on car insurance.

We must be aware that many people on the road today have no insurance, and this is why insurance premiums are as high as they are. Insurance companies have no alternative but to raise their rates for all of us.


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