How to stay physically fit as the season changes

How to stay physically fit as the season changes


Don’t FALL Away from Your Health


As autumn returns to the Northwest, we are blessed to see the beauty of the leaves changing color from green to yellow, gold and red. The temperatures have started to cool, and some of the nights are even quite cold. The falling rain on the roofs and windshields can be as comforting as seeing a long-lost friend…

However, with the leaves all over the ground, the cold wind blowing in our face, and the rain soaked and soggy days outside…sometimes it is difficult to get motivated to exercise. Yet we all know that we have to keep active to keep healthy.


What are we to do?

For some, knowing that we live in Oregon and that it can sometimes be a little damp…it may mean that nothing has to change except the type and number of layers worn as we head outside. If that is you, then carry on as before. For others, it may mean moving physical activities inside or to a gym. If that is you, there may be more to consider.

The most important thing to consider with exercise in general is to find an activity that you enjoy. As an example, I have some patients that absolutely love using an indoor bike training program. Others can’t stand being stuck in one place. Regardless, the key is that we need to keep moving.

Home exercises offer the benefit of not having to go anywhere. A few dumbbells or exercise bands can go a long way to staying fit. Add in an online training class or YouTube video and you can go a long way to get in shape and stay that way. For the highly motivated, you can add some fancier equipment. A rower, bike, weight set, etc. Again, whatever you enjoy doing – start there!

Others prefer going to the gym. With so many people working from home, it may be the only time they leave the house. The downside is that it can be easy to talk oneself out of going. The upside is that there are often a variety of classes and equipment there to use. Thus, not filling up your home with lots of stuff that can get in your way.

If you are new to exercise, or planning to take your fitness to a new, higher level, there are a few important things to consider.

First, make sure your body is ready for your activity. Sometimes you need to get in shape to get in shape. A consultation with a chiropractor can help you identify any underlying spinal issues that could be aggravated with exercise.

Second, become familiar with any equipment you are using. The advantage of exercising at a gym is obvious here as they have personal trainers onsite ready to help you.

Lastly, recruit a friend or two to join you. It can make the time go faster and help hold you accountable to keeping with the program. Research also shows that having a workout buddy increases one’s success significantly.

Regardless of the exercise path you chose – be sure to have fun! Whereas exercise is ‘work’ by definition, it still can be enjoyable!


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