How to stay safe & fit this summer

How to stay safe & fit this summer

As we head further into the summer, more of us are getting out to enjoy the sun. With social distancing and shutdown measures in place, many are looking for ways to get out and sweat while staying safe and protecting others.

While an outdoor workout can be just as – if not often more – effective than a gym session, there are added risks involved with getting your sweat on in the heat of the summer. To enjoy the outdoors and get an effective workout, follow these steps:

Pick Your Outfit: Make sure that you pick clothes to work out in that are lighter, reflect the sunlight, and are made of loose material that won’t cause chafing.

Increase Your Water Intake: Consistent hydration is vital for preventing dehydration and heat-related illness. Ensure that you have consumed the necessary levels of water before, during, and after each workout to help avoid dangerous – and sometimes unexpected – levels of dehydration.

Wear Sunscreen: Avoid damaging your skin by making sure that you apply sunscreen before heading outside and reapply as needed.

Take It Easy: What works in a climate-controlled gym may not be possible outdoors. Make sure to keep a close eye on your body – it will tell you when you are pushing yourself beyond what is healthy or safe. Stop, rest, and hydrate when you begin to feel nauseous.

Pick The Right Time: Early mornings and late evenings are the best time to get outside and work out in the summer. Avoid being outside in the heat of the day.

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