How To Win The “New Year – New You” Game: 3 Simple Steps to Systematize Your Success

How To Win The “New Year – New You” Game: 3 Simple Steps to Systematize Your Success


Congratulations! You made it through another holiday season. Now the focus changes to, well, changes. Whether it occurs in December or January, this is the time of year when many of us take a step back and assess where we are in life. If we are not where we want to be, the next thought is:

“How do I get to where I want to go?”


Step 1 – determine ‘WHY’ you want to change. You see, if you want to change your current situation it is going to take effort. The bigger the change – the bigger the effort. To put this another way, if you just want to lose weight to fit into an old pair of jeans, that is not a big enough driving force to get you through the hard part. However, if you want to lose weight so you can get off your medication for diabetes and be around to watch your children grow up, that can have more leverage.  Whatever is your big why, it must be a strong enough motivator otherwise nothing that follows here will matter.


Step 2 – figure out truly ‘WHAT’ you want. Do you desire to grow your income, or get out of debt? Do you want to get a new job, or start a business? Do you want to eat better, or dump the junk you’ve been putting into your body? Be specific! Stating you want to ‘have more money’ does not give you a specific target. A focus on increasing your savings by 25% by the end of the year gives you a clearer vision of what you are after.


Step 3 – tell your desired changes to a trusted friend. Everyone can benefit from an encourager! Having someone in your corner is a huge blessing as you work to make changes in your life. Sometimes they will just listen to your struggles. Sometimes they can be the fan to keep your flame alive. We do better living-life together.

If one of the areas you desire to change is with nutrition, weight, or fitness, check out our website ( for our upcoming workshops on nutrition and exercise. At the classes you will be surrounded by others looking to make changes to how they eat and move, or reinforce the path they are already on. Either way, you will be with others that understand where you are and can help encourage you on your journey.


Welcome to 2023 – it is going to be a GREAT YEAR!


Dr. Dan Miller has been serving the Beaverton area since 1992. He has long held the belief that good health begins before birth. For more information, visit his website at: