I am a believer in downtowns, Happy Earth Day!

I am a believer in downtowns, Happy Earth Day!

I believe that healthy downtown communities are part of the solution to human-caused climate change. By their very nature, denser downtown districts use less resources (environmental and financial) per person. People need to drive less, and they can walk or bike more; they can construct more buildings, but without needing large expansions in roadway or sewer infrastructure.

A healthy downtown is a sustainable downtown, and we want to help it move even further in that direction.

That’s why you will see two new bike repair stations in downtown Beaverton this May, one at the THPRD Swim Center on Main and another next to the LaScala apartments on Lombard. This project is partially funded by the Central Beaverton Neighborhood Association Committee (NAC). We are very grateful for the support of our partners and funders!

We want people to be able to move to and through downtown sustainably and dependably. So, when you bike downtown, you will now have three locations to fix flat tires and do other maintenance on your bicycle. The third location is outside of City Library.

As we move deeper into 2021, our Sustainability Team will grow. We will continue adding bicycle infrastructure (bike racks are next), and we will also focus on other sustainability projects throughout the district such as public recycling and composting, landscaping, and supporting individual business sustainability ideas.

And you can help! Our Sustainability Team is expanding, and we are welcoming new community volunteers who are passionate about having a healthier downtown community.

Happy Earth Day!

P.S. Have you seen the hydroponic garden in Top Burmese Bistro Royale? It’s a perfect example of one business being creative and innovative with its approach to sustainability.

~ Kevin Teater (Executive Director)


If you are searching for local businesses to support, check out the business list above or on our website. Cruise a map of downtown businesses at www.downtownbeaverton.org/map. #DowntownBeaverton

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