I encourage you to put a plan in place

I encourage you to put a plan in place



Over the holidays, I had a friend pass away unexpectedly. We downsized her home from a 3-bedroom, 2.5 bath multi-level home, into assisted living. She was young, in her 70’s, and although she had some health issues, nothing that would have anticipated her early passing.

I share this story because it was a strong reminder of the need to have one’s life in order, as we do not know when our time may be. Whether having a family, or not, a plan is important. Fortunately for my friend, she had taken the necessary steps, which meant having a will or trust, leaving information about her financial and computer account passwords, assigning an Executor to disburse her financial holdings and a list of friends and family to contact to make them aware of her death.

The information being readily available made it much easier on the only son. It provided a path of what to do and who to call. Because she was living in assisted care, it is common to have up to two weeks after a death to clear an apartment.

I encourage everyone to be thinking, learning, and definitely putting a plan in place for what should transpire in case of a physical or mental emergency, and for when the occurrence of your death occurs.

If you are not sure where to begin, we offer monthly seminars to help with these very topics and we can also direct you to people who can be of service to you (see ad below).


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