I got flashed! Photo red light intersections

I got flashed! Photo red light intersections

One of the most common questions we get about photo red light or photo speed enforcement is, “I got flashed but I wasn’t violating the law. What happened and will I get a ticket?”

There are a few scenarios that may have happened if a driver gets flashed but no violation has occurred.

Camera testing.

Speed enforcement uses camera flashes to capture photographs of violations. Each speed/red light enforcement system, to include the photo radar vans, need to perform self-tests to ensure the systems are working properly. During these self-tests, the systems are taking speed and red-light readings along with coordinating the flashes with the readings. During the short testing phases, the systems will flash drivers even if they are not committing a violation. None of these activations end up in citations because they are part of the self-test procedures.

It wasn’t you.

Our speed enforcement cameras can track more than one object at a time. It may be another driver in the intersection that caused the activation while you were near them. For instance, our red-light camera intersections can track up to 128 different moving objects at a time. If it wasn’t you then you will not receive a citation.

Something just went wrong.

Just as humans make mistakes, so can machines. If an activation has occurred in error, there is a built-in quality control in our process. Each activation is reviewed by an officer to ensure a violation has actually occurred. If the officer reviews an activation and no violation has occurred then a citation is never issued.


Finally, if you ever have a question about photo red light, speed enforcement vans, or intersection speed enforcement, please contact us. We would be happy to answer questions.

For more information, you can also visit https://beavertonpolice.org/204/Photo-Enforcement.