I really want to lose weight but… Don’t diet, try mindfully eating instead.

I really want to lose weight but… Don’t diet, try mindfully eating instead.



Losing weight and eating healthier is a lucrative business. There are a slew of new diets and weight loss programs each year offering the answer, and most of us have experienced the diet, cheat, fail, repeat cycle. In fact, two thirds of those that try diets gain more weight than they lost within 5 years. It begs the question, if diets don’t work, why not and what can we do?


The problem with diets?

Diets work on restricting what you eat in different ways. It’s a willpower-based change, meaning you have to actively resist something you crave in order to do “what’s right”. The problem with trying to make a change using willpower is that it only works while you focus on resisting and creates an easy way to fail. Not only that, but it doesn’t address the real reason we aren’t eating what might make us feel better.


What is mindful eating?

Mindful eating is a new idea being researched that works by slowing down and paying attention to what you are eating, and why. How does it make you feel? How do you feel after? Poor eating often comes from habit loops. When we get bored, sad, tired, angry, or stressed, fatty, salty, sugary foods can give us a quick boost. Over time, our brains begin to relate feeling better to eating these foods.


Pay attention to the foods you eat

Taking the time to look at what we eat when we eat it and why can help us to address these patterns that have developed. There is no judgment or restricting your food intake. In fact, restricting diets can cause more harm than good. Often, you are craving something your body does need, which causes stress to the body.


Slow and steady wins the race

This isn’t a quick fix either. Most people that have tried to say that it took them between 15 and 34 times before they started to notice change. There may be no quick fix, change is hard, but maybe it doesn’t have to be painful.


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