I took the car to PDR Solutions in Cedar Mill: Dent removal without repainting

I took the car to PDR Solutions in Cedar Mill: Dent removal without repainting

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This month’s story is about Cynthia and the car she picked up from her mother in Tucson, AZ two years ago. The car is a Subaru Forester which is a great vehicle for driving around here in the Pacific Northwest. Unfortunately, her mother was elderly and was not so great at parking and upon closer inspection after arriving, Cynthia found scuffs on both the front bumper as well as the back bumper. All of the doors had scratches and dings too but for the last two years, the car drove fine and she could live with the imperfections.

Now, however, Cynthia and her husband, Bill, are retiring and moving to Arizona where they would not need an AWD vehicle in the Desert and wanted me to help sell the Subaru for them. Of course, before looking for a buyer, the car needed body repair, paint touch up as well as a complete detail to remove oil stains from the seats.

I knew that the reconditioning would take some time, so Cynthia and Bill left the vehicle with me and moved to Arizona.

Meet PDR Solutions

I took the vehicle to PDR Solutions here in Cedar Mill, (14207 NW Science Park Drive). Not only did I get the vehicle completely detailed inside and out, all of the dings and dents were removed without having to touch up the paint. They even removed the oil stains from the light gray interior.

PDR means Paintless Dent Repair. When I took the car to them, I would have rated the vehicle as a 6 on a scale of 1-10 due to the dings, dents, scrapes, and scratches but when the vehicle was returned to me, I was astonished. It was an easy 9.5 (see photo of the excellent paintless dent repair)!

This made the car super easy to sell and was even able to get for Cynthia and Bill over $2000 more than they were expecting!

If anyone has a car that needs paint touch up, auto detailing, paintless dent repair, ceramic paint sealants or any cosmetic vehicle needs, I highly recommend going to see Randy and Bobby at RDR Solution. They are amazing and the do spectacular work!

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