I wonder what my first day will be like? Musings of a (soon-to-be) high school freshman

I wonder what my first day will be like? Musings of a (soon-to-be) high school freshman



As a graduating middle schooler on my way to high school, I feel like it’s important to think about what to expect on my first day. Some of my fellow incoming 9th graders might be much more stressed or worried by this transition but in my view, I feel like high school will be about the same as middle school just much larger and with a lot more students. With change, however, comes wonder and I do have some burning questions. Stuff like:


  • How will I wake up so early in the morning?! To put it simply, an alarm should work just fine. I’m going to have to sleep earlier because high school starts about an hour before middle school. Problem solved!
  • Will I be late to each class on the first day? Well, probably not, since I can always ask older students or teachers in the hallways who I’m sure will help me find my way.
  • Will I make new friends? Of course! Especially if the friends you had in middle school aren’t in your new classes. It’s important to find new buds to hang out with. If you’re scared, then try joining an after-school club or two! I hear it’s a great way to connect with other students who have the same interest as you. Small tip: choose your friends wisely because peer pressure is much worse in HS.
  • How will I deal with all the new freedom? Well, from the stories I’ve heard, high school is a place with a lot more freedom than I’m used to and that’s a good thing I guess. With that extra freedom, however, comes some negative aspects that us noobie freshmen should be very wary about. These not so good things include experimenting with drugs, adult activities and the responsibilities that come with driving. We need to be on the look out and choose our friends carefully!


So, when I muse about my first day of high school, I feel like it will be much simpler than I thought, minus all of the negative things I’ve heard from others. I actually feel quite prepared for high school and look forward to seeing all of my middle school friends as well as making new ones.

I encourage all the incoming 9th graders like me not to worry and instead, look forward to the next big chapter, good luck!


Mizuki Wong is an incoming 9th grader at Mountainside High School. In my free time, I enjoy drawing, listening to music and learning about science and math.