If you know me, you know I am a dog freak!

If you know me, you know I am a dog freak!



Dogs watch, dogs look, dogs listen

My favorite animal! I always have 2, and wish I had a 1000!

Dog’s are amazing! I want to talk a little about a dog’s nose…and maybe a little bit about their other senses.

I walk my dogs daily. I probably log 25 miles per week. Exercise, nature, time with my K9 buddies, losing myself in audio books…it is nirvana.

As I walk my dogs, I observe them and their actions and reactions. Dogs are in tune with their environment. They are constantly looking, smelling, and listening. Many of my sojourns occur in the early morning hours, when it is still dark. I marvel at how my dogs know another creature is nearby WAY before I do. Did they hear it? I’m not 100% sure they saw it. I bet they likely smelled it.

A Dogs Nose: Is 100,000 times more sensitive than a human’s ‘shnoz’. Dogs smell in 3-D and they can (through the intensity of odors) detect the passage of time. Through their nose, dogs can simultaneously breath in and out…and they have more than one sense of smell. They can smell multiple things at once, and decipher what they are smelling. This is a major way that dogs exist and navigate their environment.

On my walks, as I observe my pups in action… I too try to be as hyper-aware of my surroundings as possible.

What are some other things I see? People at bus stops, looking down at screens, completely absorbed. People walking, faces lit up by their devices as they stumble and stroll, unaware of my approach as well as what’s happening around them. I observe parents driving sleepy teenagers to school. The young humans in the passenger seat with an unnatural curve to their neck, as they navigate whatever it is their phone has to share. I witness glowing faces on buses… looking… down.

I get technology… and I like it. In no way am I anti-tech. But I think dogs have it figured out. Humans and pooches: We are all physical, tactile beings, living in a physical, 3-dimensional, tactile world. Yet, most of the time, out in the world…many homo-sapiens are depressingly unaware of the world around them. It’s a wee bit sad, as our world is such a beautiful place. An unfortunate downside to modern technology is: We’re missing the real world.

Dogs are not stressed out due to FOMO. The only ‘likes’ they care about are the next smile, “good boy”, treat or loving pat on the head or belly rub. They watch. They look. They listen. They act and react accordingly.

In your place of business: Are you and your employees watching? Are you watching, looking and listening to the right things? Are you smiling? Are you aware of your surroundings as well as a dog on a walk? If so, keep it up AND keep fine tuning that connection. If not…better get to work!

  • Make it easy for people to do and keep doing business with you!
  • Look up…and surprise someone!


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